Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

Love letter for you my beloved

How do you do with the old heart I never see you?
How do you do with the heart that is still in its struggle for the sake of reaching his blessings?
How do you do with a loyal and honesty?

Love ..., I wish I could reveal all the words and think to myself that I had this ..., then a thousand sheets of paper will not be enough for me poured. Lots of love, many who wanted me to express directly in hadapmu later. If you know, I'm bland without the love and care filler to me, if only you know what I feel for you ....

Love is not called selfishness sense,
not the megucap "how?" but "I understand ..."
not "Where you at?" but "I'm here ...."
not "I want you like this ...." but" I love you with what it is you ... "

I am lonely without you here,
hampanya my heart because I know the real you were not there for me,
often you break me ...., but I'm not a quitter ...
I survived, because there is honesty ... to love you ....
the wound was sick of love, but it hurts even worse if I lie to this.
Maybe I could use my white lie, but as long as I can keep the goodness in jujurku, really ... for He is Oft-Respect, I'll walk in here without any force from anyone, and that ututh is the only conscience and a pure heart.

When the wound - the wound has dried up, During that period I was thirsty to miss you, even during the wound was still wet and still concentrated in the pit of my heart ache. Love, I wished I could be with you, keep your heart, accompany you when agitated and restless melandamu, ahh ... love so deeply will you know My love. So that all wounds and was disappointed it will not be able to change it, even if ever you asked for me to do it.

Sorry love, forgive me, because I was too honest with my feelings.
And all, all .... still remain intact in place.
Pain is mixed, there is sorrow, there is disappointment, but there is also a sense of trust between a million accounts, a speck of darkness among cahya horizon.

When smua crashing because nothing - nothing, then I'll try to learn this grief, this pain, and I consider this as a gift "of" Him.

This suffering is a gift and a special honor for me on top and under his authority. The soul will never know the meaning of tough if he just flat felt the journey of his life. Hearts will never understand the pain, if he was always happy, Glory to the Lord of Hosts for all rangakaian this perfect life.

And ...., you made me love the pain I learned a lot when I was languishing in a cliff terhujam sharp rocks. You make me be the one "large" in the sense kesyukuranku on Him. Thank you love, you're making me a soul who patiently for all the waiting and understanding. Any piece of that hope is still hope. Where he could grow from a sense of disappointment, the sense of injury. So let it grow into mature adults in understanding.

Maybe I'll stand on rangakain straw that is always there in front of me when I walk, and no other is the sense of patience when I had to clean it, no other than a sense of sincerity when I feel tired to tidy it up so she would not hurt me. But when the scar is there, nothing else is also feeling defensive and efforts for me to treat it. And no other with a sense of genuine I do it.

So did you love ...
even if there should be tears, then let him become a friend of woe for love ...
if there is pain whack, then let it be a devoted friend in all honesty you stand up ....

Really I'm grateful, because I know you love, even if I never completely possess you, though you got takhanya intact for me ...
Do not ask about the sorrow that you know love,
Do not ask about my pain, if you even feel it ...
I am human, imperfect, and sometimes wrong ...
but think my love has overcome my pain,
sense asihku beat my ego ...
and dear ...., been able to heal the wound - the wound.

Love, when can I touch you?
Where can I find the warmth of your fingers rubbing all peluhku?
Or on the contrary I wiped the sweat on your face ...
And I'll gently caress your shoulders as you struggle with shaky on the road,
so you know how much I care about you ...

in sujudku on his
Leave my prayers and I begged .....
I hope you continue in his custody when penjagaanku not reach you
I hope you always be loved and cherished him as incapable of love and love beyond where you are today.
I pleaded with Him so that His love is always there for you, when I could no longer love

My tegarkan, all the fragility,
it regardless of all my sadness ...
Your happiness is the prayer and harapku ....
senyumu, becomes a dream - dreams in which I can feel it sincerely only untuku ...

Hopefully it is always good there, although not perfect this way ....

said my last, I hope you clearly legible in the eyes and your heart ...

I understand ...., I'm here, and I love any of you with all kurangmu ...

and let .........,who loves you ....

I hope you hear me, O love ....,

Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

World Cup synergize with Qiyamul Lail

Today, about 2.6 billion pairs of eyes witnessed a grand celebration of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Unlimited audience age, color, ethnicity, religion, and gender. Everything conspires to see that four-year celebration. Someone held a watch together, whether at home, guard posts, cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

It was so powerful magnets world cup fever, so many people willing to stand in line and wait to watch his favorite players and games that interstate. Not with the exception of Muslims, most participated willingly and venting pleasure to watch the match.

What a wonderful, if a portion of the waiting time that can be used to turn the night (Qiyamul Lail) in order to draw closer to Allah SWT. Therefore, the opportunity to wait or after watching the match (at around 3:30 pm), used to worship God. That, far more powerful again, because getting two advantages. Can watch the World Cup, but also can be happiness and peace of mind because it has a better chance in draw closer to God.

Turning on the night (Qiyamul Lail) that, among others, could establish the prayer Tahajjud, witir prayers, reading Qur'an, dhikr, Munajat, muhasabah, repentance, and others. All of it is worship that exemplified the Apostle SAW in filling in part time night, with the goal to expect forgiveness, blessings, and the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Lail Qiyamul virulence has been described Allah and His Messenger.

First, those who do will get an admirable degree with Allah. "And on some evenings, bertahajjudlah you as an additional service to you. Hopefully thy Lord raise you to a place of great glory." (Sura Al-Isra [17]: 79).

Second, get the glory of God Almighty. "And the people who through the night with prostrate and standing (Tahajjud) for their Lord." (Sura Al-Furqan [25]: 64).

Third, it shall be heard and his sins forgiven by God. Because, on some nights there is an efficacious time to pray. As word of the Prophet SAW in a Hadith Qudsi: "Allah, if it has passed the first third of the night, slowly down to the sky world. So, God said," Whoever asks Me, I would grant his request, and they begged forgiveness Me, surely I forgive. "

If all Muslims from various walks of life and leaders of this country want to move yourself along to turn on the night (Qiyamul Lail), will undoubtedly creates peace and happiness of the world and the hereafter. And also manifested his blessed country, Baldatun Thoyyibatun wa rabbun Ghafur. And Allaah knows best.

Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

Why do we read Al-Quran is not the only one who understands?

Muslim Americans to the old plantation area mountains / Eastern Kentucky, living with their grandchildren. Every morning the old wake up in the morning and sit in the fireplace while reading the Koran. As a child, and wants to emulate his every day memcoba as a witness.

One day his father: "speed, I will ask him to read it, but I can not understand, and there is little understanding, but as I finished reading, and I forgot I had to close. What if we do not understand the significance of the eyes to read Al-Quran?

Quiet old fireplace, grandson memjawab question: "Try to download basket miles and take to the water, and bring me back to sekeranjang water."

the child's grandfather explained, but the water obtained from all first. Kakeknya laughed and said, "Next time you work faster."

old grandson was asked to return to the river with the basket to dicoba again. In this case wastafel children faster, but again keranjangnya empty before I start.

his grandfather, he said termengah-mengah, sekeranjang difficult to carry water, and boats looking for a successor to the basket.

His grandfather said, "I do not have a bowl of water, I want your water sekeranjang should try harder .." And went out to see her grandchildren try again. At the time the kids know that it is not possible, as quickly as possible, but if wastafel straw, to keep the water out before I start. date / dipping down into the basket, and then try to quickly, as quickly as possible and run away, but his grandfather came to be in front of the basket was empty again. with termengah-mengah,: he said, "Grandpa, not to not to .."

old saying, "Son, why do you think is in use. Look closely and see that the curve shows?. "

Children, including a new basket and the basket looks very different than she realized. Basketball has changed from a basket of dirty rock, now converted into a basket and clean out. "I, what happens if you read the Koran? Maybe you do not understand or do not understand at all, but read you, you can not change, both within and outside of thought.

Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

For Prospective Wife

Assalammu'alaikum Wr ... Wb ...

How's my future wife? Hope u do well and take care ...
God is always with us

Sister ...
There still waiting for me ...?

Hm ... waiting, waiting, or whatever is similar to that boring person said. Really?!
Waiting ...
Only a few people who regard it as something 'special'
And for me, waiting is a special case
Because many of the benefits that can be done and that obtained from the waiting
Reading, writing, discussion, light, or other useful things

Waiting can also be used to glorify Him,
view the phenomenon of life around the place waiting,
or just to reminisce the things that has passed
Eits, does not mean dreaming up blank with a blank mind
Therefore it is dangerous, could invite a creature from the 'other world' into the soul

Many other things can you do while waiting
Trust that do not own it forever burning
Itself was delicious, general!
Oops, that's the title of my writing some time ago

That in the period of waiting, we actually can be more productive
While we are still a lot of spare time
Not taken up with domestic life
So the time to enlighten us more ummah
Because of the problems mankind is today also increasingly

Therefore, O fairy world ...
If it's known up to now I have not come
Not I do not want to, not me not want to, rather than delaying my
But the issue of whack this nation increasingly numerous and increasingly complex
So many innocent children should suffer because of starvation, malnutrition, diarrhea and vomiting to paralysis paralyzed
Not to mention one by one high-level corruption cases which prove that this country was 'rat's nest'
Plus more disasters for disaster that struck this country
Although currently living for myself it is still difficult even
But as a religious teacher once said that life for others is a glory of Giving in when we're really cares is the best gift
That we are not yet live if we only live for yourself

Sister ...
No matter where you are now, do not be upset, do not be nervous
I have seen your face and I understand,
how much you'll miss with the presence of myself in all your days
Believe me I will miss your presence
I will come, but maybe not now
Because this road is still long
Many things that confront
My heart also sing in a tone of dreams
As if there is no remaining second
Restless hearts can not avoid
About the flash of a shadow, on a piece of the future
Asaku reefs will not be eroded from the long road of struggle, just because of an anxiety
Better prepare themselves before taking a decision
Big decision to come to you

Sister ...
Do not cry, do not be sad, remove any doubt in your heart
Believe in Him, the All-Giver of Love,
that this would only end up living likuan
You can be sure ... when it definitely is not it arrives
Do not you worry because increasingly waning beauty
Because the heart and beauty of faith are looking for
Do not you fret because more loss of aura of great beauty yours
Because the aura of a major keimananlah
That's heaven auramu that emits light,
penetrated into the recesses of the soul and

O most beautiful jewelry ...
Do not you bet your life, just because you're tired of waiting. Especially just for a wedding. Because the marriage was not built in a moment, but he could destroyed in a second. Like the Iraqi city that was built many decades, but it can be destroyed within a few days.

Do not ever feel that life is not fair
We will never be able to get everything we want in life
Surrender your desires as deep as the heart, on your night Tahajjud
miss all my hope, in prayer on your night istikharah
Come home to Him, into His arms
If indeed you do not have time to meet me,
really ... it's because you're so noble, so pure
And you were elected as Ainul Mardhiyah in His Jannah

Sister ...
God is the best scenario scenario
And that he has for our scenario
Because He is preparing us for the more mature,
Crochet tomorrow as we expect later
To rebuild the ideal of civilization as we dream

Sister ...
I know you miss me, be patient when going ahead nevertheless beautiful
When we will be united in marriage a beautiful bond
How are you there?
Are you Tired of waiting for me to roam?
Are Tired of waiting for you there?
Can you survive there?
Fixed hang in there you ...
I will come soon, welcome you with a smile
When the time has arrived,
wear the crown,
wear that beautiful dress ...
Much remains to be looking for, we'll un'tuk happy life ...

Sister ...
It was a long night with tears streaming
My heart feels numb the pain of whack,
against my will suffer tonight, counting the stars
Love makes the heart feels disjointed
If there is a star that disappeared,
glowing eyes looking for the star who came
If indeed you have selected me, wait till I come ...

I start my day with prayer beads, and shalawat tahmid
And pray for you so you'll always be healthy, happy,
and get the best of his
I never expect, you do not you miss this pathetic existence
Only with a sense of melancholy to you, uphold life
So just by following the traces of your heart, there is the meaning of this life I ran
Maybe you never realized how easy you are to be admired
I am the person who 's always admired, supervise, protect and love you

Sister ...
Currently I can only admire,
can only miss
And keep hoping, keep hoping
I hope not you come soon
Never stop hoping,
Because expectations keep us alive

When you become my wife later,
have me do not ever stop
and love me until the end of time
Show me you'll always love me
Only you and I hope
It has long been hoped hadirmu here
Although difficult, should I get
If not I get in the world ...
Will chased the Ainul Mardhiyah waiting in heaven

I confess my love not only landed in one place
I was afraid maybe I was too wild for you
But frankly, all that is just my ego stopover,
fugitive feelings
and your attitude has melt my soul
So time went by and I increasingly understand ...
What will my face
And what I was looking for in life

I wrote a post this simple,
for yourself which is always wise
I scratched this simple rhyme,
for yourself which is always fascinating
Understand me and love me what it is
May Allah perpetuate this favor for me and for thee
Hopefully ...

You're among the most beautiful flowers I have ever had before
You teranggun between the goddess I have ever come across before
You give a meaningful sign that I can not understand
You spread your thorny road that I can not pass
So beautiful you created for Adam
So graceful you were born as Eve
I admire the most beautiful you have ever though I could not have
You're graceful woman I've ever met even though I can not have

(Goddess of Fantasy - Leaves Band)

Oh God ...
ease the longing of whack
Pray at all times,
because of the desire to burst inside me

Oh God ...
forgive all the mistakes this humble servant
Give your convenience in our step
give us the strength and ability
tuk completes half of this religion,
follow the sunnah Messenger
do not let us be careful
continue to roam endless
that just wasted time and opportunity
which thou hast given
Aamiin ...

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr ... Wb ...

Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Lost Essence

"Behold, I am Allah, there is no God (which haq) than me so worship me and establish regular prayer for My remembrance" (Taha: 14) based on these verses, it can be in the know that the purpose of prayer is to worship Allah meingat. In addition, God also has made dhikr as cover all types of worship, where if we have finished working on a worship service will close with the remembrance of Allah Ta'ala.

"And when ye have accomplished your prayers remember Allah standing, sitting soften, and at the time lying down, then when you have to feel safe So establish prayer was (as usual). Indeed it is the obligation of prayer at specified time for the people who believers "(An-Nisa: 103).

We have often heard and read these verses and we find a substance which states that the purpose of various kinds of worship is to remember Allah. However, nature is a substance that has been missing from our front, where the devil is always trying hard to ensure that the essence is still missing from before us, so we will always be in kelaleian and the game world. But thanks to the grace of God, and praise belongs only to Him, the essence of it has been shown to us then why we do not want to remembrance?

"The likeness of a man who remembered his God with people who do not remember God is like the people who live with people who are dead" (Bukhari).

True, remembrance of Allah Ta'ala show live or at least someone's heart. Therefore, whoever does not remembrance to the Lord, his heart was dead. If we are given the option to choose for sure we will choose the hearts of the living and happy, but there are some secrets that we need to know, whether we currently have remembrance of Allah?

By sticking to these answers, we will become regular. Make zikr as advice which is placed in front of our eyes. Our remembrance of Allah Ta'ala will surely our moral order. We celebrate the praises of Allah Ta'ala we will undoubtedly be a regular worship.

Finally, let us round the garden of remembrance, fresh air inside and enjoy the flowers inside. I ask God that He may make us as one who, when listening to words, we will follow the words of the best.

Seven Indicators of the World Happiness

Ibn Abbas ra. was one of the Companions of the Prophet SAW is very painstaking in maintaining and servicing the Prophet SAW, where he had specifically prayed for the Prophet SAW, other than that at the age of 9 years of Ibn Abbas had memorized the Quran and has been the imam at the mosque. One day he was asked by the Tabi'in (the generation after the death of the Prophet SAW) concerning what is meant by happiness of the world. Ibn Abbas replied there are 7 (seven) world happiness indicators, namely:

First, Qalbun syakirun or heart always be grateful.

Having a soul means always gratefully accept what is (qona'ah), so there is no excessive ambition, no stress, this is good for the heart is always grateful. A very smart intelligent grateful to understand the attributes of Allah SWT, so whatever he is given God's gift and even enchanted with God's decision.

When in difficulty and he immediately remembered the word of the Prophet SAW, namely:
"If we're hard to consider a person who is more difficult than we." When you're given the ease, he was grateful with emphasis on charity worship, then God will test it with greater ease. When he remained "obstinate" by continuing to give thanks that God will test it again with even greater ease.

And blessed are those who are good thanks!

Second. Al azwaju shalihah, namely a pious spouse.

A pious spouse will create an atmosphere of home and family as well as pious. In the Hereafter a husband (as the family priest) will be held accountable in taking his wife and children to kesholehan. Blessed to be a wife if you have a pious husband, who would work hard to bring his wife and son become a pious Muslim. Similarly, a pious wife, will have the patience and sincerity in serving exceptional husband, despite how bad her husband's behavior. So blessed to be a husband who has a pious wife.

Third, al auladun Abrar is child Soleh.

When Rasulullah SAW again thawaf. Rasulullah SAW met a young child who bruised his shoulder. Once completed thawaf Prophet asked the young man: "Why is your shoulder?" The young boy replied: "O Messenger of Allah, I am from Yemen, I have a mother who had udzur. I really love him and I never let go of him. I let go of my mother only when defecating, when praying, or when a break, besides I always carry the rest. " Then the young man asked: "O Messenger of Allah, if I was included into the people who are already devoted to the parents?"
The Prophet said, embracing the young man and said: "It's God's blessings to you, ye children Soleh, a filial son, but my children know, love your parents will not be avenged by you." From the hadith is that we get an idea of our deeds are not sufficient to repay the love and kindness of our parents, but at least we can start with a child who Soleh, where the prayers of the pious child to the parents God granted guaranteed. Blessed are we if you have a pious child.

Fourth, albiatu sholihah, ie an environment conducive to our faith.

What is meant by a conducive environment is, we may know anyone but to make it as our best friend, should be the people who have added value to our faith. In a hadith, the Prophet encourages us to always hang out with people who are pious. Pious people who will always take the good and reminds us when we do wrong.

Pious people are those who are happy because of good faith and the blessings of Islam who always radiated the light of his face. Insha Allah it will come shining light those who are nearby.

Blessed are those who are always surrounded by people who are pious.

Fifth, al malul halal, or lawful property.

Within the Islamic paradigm of wealth is not wealth but many halalnya. This does not mean that Islam does not tell people to get rich.
In Muslim history in sadaqoh chapter, the Prophet SAW never met a friend who raised their hands to pray. "You have a good prayer," The Prophet said, "But unfortunately the food, beverages and clothing and we get it unlawful residence, how his prayer was granted." Blessed be the one to treasure kosher because God answered her prayer is very simple. The property will also keep kosher demons from his heart, the heart increasingly clean, pure and solid, giving the peace in his life. And blessed are those who always carefully guard his treasure halalness.

Sixth, Tafakuh fi Dien, or the spirit to understand the religion.

Embodied the spirit of understanding religion in a spirit of understanding the Islamic religious sciences. The more he learns, the more he was stimulated to learn more knowledge about the attributes of God and His creation.

God promises blessings for his people studying, the more he learns more and more in love with him to his religion, the higher his love for God and His apostles. Love is what will give light to his heart.

Understand the spirit of religion will "live" her heart, the heart of "life" is the heart which is always filled with light and delicious favors the Islamic faith. And blessed are those who fully understand the science of the spirit of Islam.

Seventh, namely baroqah age.

Age-baroqah that means grew older age pious, that every second is filled with deeds. Someone who fills his life for the happiness of the world alone, then the old days will be filled with lots of nostalgia (daydream) about his youth, he also tends to be disappointed with ketuaannya (post-power syndrome). Besides, his mind focused on how to enjoy the rest of his life, then he himself was busy dreaming of the pleasures of the world that he could not feel, his heart was disappointed when he was not able to enjoy the pleasure of diangankannya. While the people who fill its age with many preparing for the Hereafter (through deeds), then grew older he longed to meet with the Maker. Days filled with parents making out with The Most Gracious. There is no fear of leaving this world, even he felt hopeful for the immediate next life as the natural beauty which God has promised. This is the spirit of "live" people who baroqah age, so blessed are those who age baroqah.

Thus the messages from Ibn Abbas ra. on seven indicators of happiness of the world.

How do we whom God has given to the world's seven indicators such happiness? In addition to our efforts to improve themselves, seek Allah SWT with as often and as Khushuu 'broom may read the prayer `universe', that is most often the prayer is read by the Prophet SAW. Where the first line of the prayer "Rabbanaa aatina fid-yaa dun hasanaw" (which means "O Allah, grant me happiness of the world"), has a meaning that we are being asked to God to the world of the seven indicators of happiness mentioned by Ibn Abbas ra, that is the heart which is always gratitude, which Soleh spouse, child Soleh, friends or environment Soleh, the lawful property, the spirit to understand the teachings of religion, and age baroqah.

Although we admit it is difficult to get seventh is in our grasp, at least if we get some alone we're grateful.

As for the continuation of such prayers broom universe that is "wa fil aakhirati hasanaw" (which means "happiness and well Hereafter"), to obtain it only by the grace of God. Everlasting Happiness is not heaven but the grace of God, love of God. Paradise is only a fraction of the grace of God, we go to heaven not because we Soleh charity, but because the grace of God.

Amal Soleh we do throughout our lives (though every day of fasting and night prayer) is not enough to get a ticket to heaven. Charity Soleh as perfect whatever we do all our lives are not comparable with delicious paradise promised by God.

The Prophet said, "Amal Soleh do you do you can not enter into heaven." Then the companions asked: "What about you, O Messenger of Allah?". Prophet replied: "I was Amal Soleh also inadequate." Then the companions asked again: "Then by what we get to heaven?". The Prophet again said: "We can go to heaven only because of grace and goodness of God alone."

So our prayers, our fasting, our taqarub to God is not to heaven but to get the grace of God. With the grace of God that we get the paradise of Allah (God willing, Amiin).

Source article: Ustad lecture Aam Aminudin, Lc. in Sapporo, Japan,
abstracted independently by Mr. Tata Asep Permana

Husnul signs Khatimah

Every servant of God who walked on a straight manhajnya who tried to emulate the life of the Prophet and his companions ajmain certainly are looking forward to the final sequel. God has set signs dintara signs that khatimah Husnul

First, say the creed when his death sentence

Messenger of Allah said: "whoever is at the end of the sentence to say" La ilaaha illallah "And he entered into heaven" (Narrated by al-Hakim)

second, when the death of her forehead sweating

This is based on the hadith of Ibn Khasib Buraidah is Buraidah first when in Khorasan, to see his brother who was ill, but found he had died, and visible on his forehead sweating, and then he said, "Allahu Akbar, indeed I have heard the Messenger of Allah said: Death of a believer is by sweating forehead "(Narrated by Ahmad, AN-Nasai, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibban, Al-Hakim and ath-Thayalusi from Abdullah bin Mas'ud)

third, died on Friday night

This is based on the word of Allah "It is not a Muslim, who died on Friday or on Friday night unless surely God spare him from the punishment of the grave" (Narrated by Ahmad)

fourth, were martyred in the battlefield
Concerning this Allah says:

"Think not of those who are slain in Allah's death, even those living beside his Lord with a provision, they are in a state of joy due to the grace of Allah which He has given to them and they rejoice with those who remained behind the have not followed them that there are no concerns about them, nor shall they grieve. They rejoice with Grace and bounty from Allah and that Allah will not waste pahal people who believe "(Ali Imraan :169-171) The hadeeth of Allaah be upon the Messenger of Allaah with regard to this problem is very often found which are as follows:

1. Messenger of Allah said:

"For the people who were martyred there are six features are:
his sins forgiven, since its first blood spurted, saw his place in heaven, protected from adzab tomb, and secured from major catastrophe, felt the sweetness of faith, is married to an angel, and allowed for 70 people memeberikan syafa'at relatives "(Narrated by at-Tirmidhi , Ibn Majah, and Ahmad) 2. A friend of the Prophet
said: "There was a man came to the Prophet and said: O Messenger of why the believers have their dikuburan defamation except martyrdom? He said: Suffice it to face glitter of the sword above his head as slander"
(Narrated by an-Nasai)


It can be obtained as long as demand is martyrdom really comes from my heart and filled with sincerity, kendatipu he did not get a chance to die a martyr in the battle. This is based on the word of the Prophet: "He who begged to die a martyr to God earnestly, God will deliver the degree of the martyrs even if he died on his bed" (Narrated by Imam Muslim and

fifth, to die in battle Fisabilillah There are two hadith the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon:

1. Messenger of Allah said: "What are you katagorikan as a man who died a martyr among you? They said: O Messenger of us as the person who died as martyrs is who SJA slain in Allah. He said: Then my ummah who died as martyrs are very low. The Companions asked again: Then who are from those who die a martyr, O Messenger of Allah? He said: "He who killed the way of Allah, who die fighting in Allah, and who died of cholera, who died of stomach disease (ie due to disease attack the stomach such as starvation, diarrhea, or the like) then he is a martyr and the people who drowned was he a martyr "(Narrated by Muslim, Ahmad and al-Bayhaqi)

2. Messenger of Allah said: Whoever comes out the way of Allah and then die or killed so he was martyred. Or who was slammed by a horse or camel and died or bitten by poisonous animals or dead on his bed with any death of the will of God, and he made him a martyr and Paradise "(Narrated by Abu Dawood, al-Hakim, and al-Bayhaqi)

sixth, the death caused by cholera.

About this hadith the Prophet meriwayatkannya many of them as follows:

1. From Hafsa bint Sirin that Anas bin Malik said: "How Yahya bin Umra die? I replied:" Because the disease cholera, "he said: Messenger of Allah has said: cholera disease was the cause of martyrdom for every Muslim" (Narrated by Bukhari, ath- Thayalusi and Ahmad)

2. Aisha asked the Prophet about the disease cholera. He replied: "It was formerly the cholera disease is adzab which God inflicted to anyone who desired him later he made as a mercy for the believers. It is not an epidemic of cholera-stricken servant and he settled dikampungnya with patience and know that it will not happened to her except what God has set his reward people who were martyred "(Narrated by Bukhari, al-Bayhaqi, and Ahmad)

Eighth, died by drowning.

ninth, to die because of falling debris / landslides.

Evidence from two points above are based on the word of Allaah be upon the Messenger of Allaah: "The martyrs were five; people who died from an outbreak of cholera, due to abdominal pain, drowning, falling rubble, and the martyr's fight in the way of God" (HR.Imam Bukhari, Muslim , at-Tirmidhi, and Ahmad)

Tenth, the woman who died in childbirth.

This is based on the hadith reported from Ubadah ibnush Saamit quoted anhu that the Messenger of Allaah Allaah be upon Abdullah bin Rawahah see who can not get out of bed, then he asked: "Do you know who the martyrs of the ummah? The people who have replied: Muslims have been murdered "He said: If that's the martyrs of the ummah is minimal. Muslims who have been killed is a martyr, and died of cholera is a martyr, as well as women who die due to childbirth is a martyr (his son, who will pull the cord to heaven) "(Narrated by Ahmad, Darimi, and ath-Thayalusi) according to Imam Ahmad no such transmission through channels other isnaad in his Musnad.

eleventh, burned to death.

Twelfth, died of stomach edema disease.

About this second lot of history, and the most famous is the Jabir ibn Atik
marfu ': "The martyrs are seven: be slain in Allah, because cholera is a martyr, a martyr's death is drowning, because malnutrition is a martyr, because of stomach illness poisoning is a martyr, because burning is a martyr, and who died from falling debris ( building or land
landslides) is a martyr, and the woman who died when pregnant is a martyr "(Narrated by Imam Malik, Abu Dawud, al-Nisaa'i, Ibn Majah and Ahmad)

Thirteenth, die from the disease tuberculosis (TB).
This is based on results of the word of Allaah be upon the Messenger of Allaah: "Death is the martyr in Allah, and women who died while giving birth center is a shahid, a martyr's death because the fire is, death by drowning is a martyr, died of TB disease is a martyr, and died of stomach disease is
shahid "(HR.Thabrani)

Fourteenth, to death for defending property from robbers.
In this case a lot of hadith, including the following:

1. "Everyone who died for defending his property (in another narration; He who demanded his property is confiscated and he was killed) was a martyr" (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, an-Nisaa'i, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad )

2. Abu Hurairah said, a man came to the Prophet and said: "Yes, Messenger of Allah, let me how if there is someone who is coming and will take my treasure", he replied: 'do not you give' He asked, what if he killed me?
He replied: You were martyred. The man asked again, What if I kill him?
His answer: he go to hell "(Narrated by Imam Muslim, Ahmad and an-Nisaa'i)

3. Mukhariq said, a man came to the Prophet and said:

"There was a man about to take my possessions, he said: Remind him of God. People were asked: if still will not make dhikr? He replied:
Ask for help people around you in mengatasinya.Orang asked again: When I found no one around me? He replied: Give and ask for help to penguasa.Ia ask: If the authorities place it far from me? He said: berkelahilah in defending your wealth until you die and become a martyr or prevent your possessions taken away "(Narrated by al-Nisaa'i, and Ahmad)

The fifteenth and sixteenth, die in defense of religion and the soul.
In this case there are two versions of the hadeeth as follows:

1. '"Whoever killed in defense of his property he will die a martyr, and anyone who died in defense of his family he will die a martyr, and any who die dlam order to defend religion (belief) he will die a martyr, and whoever is dead maintaining blood (soul) so he shahid "(Narrated by Abu Dawood, an-Nisaa'i, al-Tirmidhi, and Ahmad)

2. "Those who die in order to claim his rights he will die a martyr" (Narrated by al-Nisaa'i)

Seventeenth, died in the vigil (watch) the way of Allah.
In this case there are two hadith from the Messenger of Allaah peace and blessings wasslam:

1. "Guard-guard (guard) the way of Allah day and night is better than fasting for a month by establishing a (prayer) at night. If he dies, then drain amalannya reward the former does and also earn and secure from the punishment of the grave (libel grave) "(Narrated by Imam Muslim, an-Nisaa'i, Tirmidhi, Hakim and Ahmad)

2. "Every person who died will be concluded amalannya except those who die in the streets Alllah precaution, then amalannya developed until Judgement day arrived and awakened from the grave slander" (Narrated by Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Hakim, and Ahmad)

eighteenth, the person who died while working on pious deeds.
This is based on the word of Allaah be upon the Messenger of Allaah: "Whoever said 'La ilaha illallah' with the hope to the good pleasure of God, and at the end of his life to say it, then he will go to heaven. And, anyone who expects good pleasure of Allah fasting a day later to end his life with it (fasting), he will enter Paradise. And whoever charity seeking pleasure of Allah and wrap with a (charity) and he will enter Paradise "(Narrated by Ahmad)

Lord of tammat walhamdulillahi alamiin. Hopefully, God made the end of our lives and put it in Husnul khatimah among those who were martyred amen.

quoted from the book "Complete Guide to Managing Bodies" p. :52-55 AD Nasir al-Albani, Gema Humanities Press, Jakarta, 1999